Available positions:

Position: Full Stack Web Developer (LAMP)
Location: worldwide (remote)

For the past two years, Postearly has been growing and following its mission to be the Community Manager of the Community Manager. We currently want to strengthen the overall stability of the app, prepare the environment for exponential scalability, and add new features that allow us to enhance our position in the market. As a Full Stack Web Developer, you will take advantage of PHP and JavaScript to connect APIs and web services and create functionalities under a custom PHP framework.

About you

You know how to build scalable web applications. You have at least 2+ years of software development experience creating web-based products. You've worked through the entire stack, and while you may know more about the backend, you can dive into any aspect of an application. Postearly is built on PHP, JavaScript, HTML + CSS, on Linux at Digitalocean. It is a great advantage if you have experience with these languages ​​and frameworks.

You know how to build frontend. You have used a modern frontend framework to develop components. You value the user experience and also think about reuse.

You value the quality of the code. You understand that testing code and good code coverage are essential to delivering a solid product. You know how to document well and rely on automation whenever possible. You understand tech debt and can formulate a plan to address it, but you know how to ship production-ready code.

You have a systems-oriented mindset. You understand how to design systems distributed across hundreds (and even thousands) of servers and understand how interdependencies can affect what you create. Postearly handles hundreds of thousands of API calls every week and is growing.

You value our values. At Postearly, our values ​​are at the heart of working together and how we think about our clients. Our remote environment help build trust and ensures we work and collaborate to create experiences that add value to agencies and Community Managers. You see how these values ​​can empower meaningful work, you thrive in a collaborative environment, you're eager to continue growing, and you're excited to be part of the team.

Things you could do

Postearly is a growing remote company. You are likely to gain experience through the challenge of staying innovative in the social media automation industry. That said, here are some things you'll probably do:

Create and scale web products that directly impact our customers or partners.

Develop front-end and UI components that are reusable and high performance.

Create tools that allow automation and that take advantage of third-party APIs.

Translate multiple RESTful data sources for use in a front-end application.

Conduct experiments and tests to learn which techniques keep users interested and informed.

Monitor reliability and performance through dashboards and tools to ensure availability.

Investigate bugs and feature requests.

Work with teams and stakeholders at Postearly (marketing, associations, companies) to help them deliver value to customers in new and exciting ways.

Help other engineers on the team and Postearly.


Part-time or Full-time, flexible hours.


Competitive salary.

Opportunity to obtain shares in the company

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